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Hello guys, I've been gone from the forum for an entire year!


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It’s Joe from The Creative Guys and I wanted to share with you some insight and analysis about my progress. I’ve been gone for an entire year!

Here are 3 wonderful tips:

  1. Paused Gigs:
    I extremely believe pausing a gig effects it’s SEO ranking. I’ve had a successful gig which was getting a huge amount of views and when I left Fiverr for a year and reinitiated it. It hasn’t received anything close to what it had.
    In this case, I believe one should create a new gig and hope for the best.

  2. Gig imagery:
    Are you interested in getting more views? From experimenting, a dark image with clear text are the best for gig pictures. Since Fiverr has a white interface, the overlay would work perfectly.

  3. Keywords:
    Want to determine which keywords to add in your gig creation?
    Simply use the search bar to figure out the best keywords. For an example: If you offer vintage logo designs, type “vintage” and see how Fiverr autocompletes it. Use these keywords as they are the ones potential clients will be using.

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Pausing a gig removes it from Fiverr search, so over time it also drops from any Google rests as well. I think that paused is intended to do that, so it would surely drop the ranking almost immediately. When it is reinstated, the ranking should rise very slowly.

If the gig had few reviews, it might be worth creating a new one to get to the top in the “New” search column. If the gig had many reviews, I personally would try to push the ranking up with marketing rather than create a new gig.

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