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For Write up/ Research Requesters- Small Valuable Tip!


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Hello Buyers,

I am taking time to write a small piece of advice to those buyers who are submitting buyers’ request for write up / research related work. When you post such request, care to mention your subject / topic clearly so that you get responses from those sellers who are delivering on topics of your interests. At the same time, it would be easier for a seller to reply to the one meant for them. With generic posting you will keep on getting irrelevant replies. For a seller too, it becomes hard to respond to those generic requests. It would be a further disappointment for a seller to lose one slot out of their limited daily quota by applying to an irrelevant buyers’ request.

I do hope customer support adds a little piece asking “subject” or “topic” in buyers’ requests form to make it easier for both buyers and sellers. I have forwarded this to them as well.

Thanks for your time and reading this!

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