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I am very happy today... [CLOSED TO FURTHER COMMENT]


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That’s because Kashmir is a very sensitive issue and writer wants to be a proud jingoistic dick about it on a forum full of people of the opposite nation.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world wonders whats so bloody great about Kashmir, as it’s been a warzone for the past few decades.

This thread is stupid, and writer also fled at the first sign of non-happy people pointing out what it was really about, and he didn’t reveal the subject because he knows what it’s really about. The patriotic “Indians will understand” is a part of the problem.

It’s much like a car bomb going off in Northern Ireland and me, as a protestant British person being “happy” about it. (“ONLY ENGLISH PPL WILL UNDERSTAND”).

This is a stupid thread.

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From your link and for those who apparently are left out for not being Indian:

"This week however, the Narendra Modi government departed from past precedent.

Shortly after the attack on the Indian military base at Uri on 18 September, which had resulted in the deaths of 19 soldiers, an army spokesman had said that the country would respond “at a time and place of our own choosing”. At a political level, Prime Minister Modi stated that the attack “would not go unpunished”.
Image copyright AFP
Image caption Both countries lay claim to Kashmir but in reality control only parts of it

After some deliberation, on the night of 29 September, Indian special forces apparently struck across the Line of Control. The army said the strikes were directed against terrorist launch pads and appeared to have inflicted some casualties."

So, apparently, this post is about the happiness of some people over loss of life and limb over political issues that have to do with the people in these regions.

We’ve had discussions about political threads going awry before and there have been many statements made about this. Political threads have been more common and more divisive regardless of which country is being discussed since this is a politically sensitive time for many if not all members of this global community. At this point, these threads have become simply provocative. Some are argumentative, some gloat, some are meaningless.

They do not seem to add anything positive to this community, but they may do the opposite. Conversations is a “Chit Chat” kind of forum and while some controversy is healthy (discussion over Fiverr policy, etc.) some simply is not. The moderation team will watch for divisive threads and will remove them for review as needed. They may or may not be returned.

It is fine to discuss these things among those who are interested and you may feel free to do so in your own off-Fiverr communities. The ongoing posts with attempts to divide, to exclude, to brag, to gloat, or to just cause pain have become too much. Community members who receive warnings about posting divisive issues should not be surprised if they are restricted from posting should this kind of thing continue.

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Anyone who has read through this thread can now see what it appears to be about. My comments are not just about @writer as the OP. Mine are just here to point out that this kind of thing by ANY Fiverr user has recently begun to cause people to complain to the moderation team and to Fiverr staff.

Any posts that end up this way are not healthy for this community. This post is now closed to further comments. If necessary, the entire Conversations category can be closed and there can be no allowance for off-Fiverr discussion. I would rather not see that happen, personally.

Please take care in what you post, remember that WE are a global community, and help each other to enjoy the forum and have a workplace that is not as hostile as the kind of workplaces many of us came from.

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