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How to transfer my Earned money to Paypal account?


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dear all,
I am new to fiverr.com. I’ve already verified my Paypal account in fiverr.com. I’ve earned some money which showed in my fiverr account revenues. ‘Funds Cleared (view order)’ are listed out. When I clicked Withdraw (Paypal Account), I received an email with subject ‘Withdrawal request received’ from fiverr.com. Below message showed:

Prepare your wallet! We received your request to withdraw your Fiverr account revenues. To initiate the process, click the following link and funds will be transferred to the PayPal account associated with your profile.

When I click the given link, fiverr showed ‘You don’t have any revenues for withdrawal at this time.’.

So would you share what I can do to withdraw my fund from fiverr? Thank you .

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