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Question to settle disputes between buyer and seller


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Hello everyone,
Let me post this message to raise an issue which I think has been raised or referred by other vendor. This is likely related to confilts order cancellation.
In my case, I made an offer to a buyer (which is at the same time vendor) requesting a calrification and Precsion his request. The amount of the order was $ 5. The customer made the order without giving me clarification when he wanted his work to be carried out urgently. I started working and after I start receiving from the customer files bit by bit. I send him the first draft and asks if he has clarifications me knowing that this is not what was specified in the order (I would not have done at that price nor in time otherwise) . And I said that if it’s not it, he should cancel the order and that talk more.
He asked me to make other things without worrying about my clarification. I finish my work according comprehénsion ask to position a final manner (either commit or roll). in the end, I lost a little over 2 hours to meet a client whose order was not clear.
Result, the customer cancels the order (it does not mind, it can happen to everyone) but he threatens me to report me to the site. This is called "the icing on the cake."
My question is, is it possible to moderate / validate buyers announcements (check their clarity and their précsions), as is the case for gigs sellers to avoid this kind of misheard between buyer and seller?
thank you for your reply

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Thank you for your reply.
Since it was a rush order, which was to be executed within one hour or two hours, we exchanged per message but we must say it confused me! Instead of answering my questions, he continue sending me bits of files and to ask me to do extra things. What is annoying is that it is also seller

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