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Please help me, I get a problem with deals


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hy senior,
introduce my name is Mukhlis, I come from Indonesia,

I use a fiver for more than 4 months, but I just get one order, and I get problems with it, Because I was only given four stars, but I’ve done my first job with a good and perfect,
I get information like this (You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!) So that I can no longer bid ,

please help for reviewing my gig,
if there is an error on my gig.

sorry with my english,
I’m using google translate,


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It looks like you have removed the gig with the 4 star review which makes it difficult to help you. Buyers may think you are hiding something even if that wasn’t your intention. All I can suggest is the obvious: get some 5 star reviews to bring your rating up. If the gig with the review is paused, it would help if you put it back as active.

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