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Why new sellers stuggle to get their first job?


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As you know that every new seller got some serious trouble in getting his/her first job. Many of us just give up due to this reason. I am also one of them but I am struggling and my mission is become a top seller at fiverr.

I have learnt many things during my career that I started here.

**** You have to do your work as a professional . your every statement should be like a professional although you are new but you have skills just try your best.
**** You must be online in the beginning.
**** Avoid using proxy when opening your account.
**** Focus on work not to cheat anyone.
**** Never take those projects that you don’t have idea how to do.
**** Maintain your profile and check fiverr updates.
**** Learn from fiverr stories.
**** Avoid irrelevant questions that you ask from your clients.
**** You have to response your clients fast.
**** And Be Honest.

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