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I click on something to give information about job was asking about and it came up like I order fromthis person and didn’t . Need this taken care of ASap? Need my five dollars put back in account?

Sheriff’s Note: Please do not use the forum as a replacement for Customer Support. You can also request mutual cancellation in the order itself, but that will not return your funds to your account, it will go back as Fiverr Credit for future purchases

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Fiverr staff does NOT read nor respond in these forums. Those of us who are answering or trying to guide you do not work for Fiverr, we are just sellers and users of the site too. You need to write to customer service and inquire about the refunds you desire due to poor work.

On the first one, you can write to the seller and tell them you messed up and to please mutually cancel the order. Go to the page where you have your orders and hit the Mutual Cancel button for it.

On the one you seemed to get something on, the essay one - if you were not happy, you need to try and work things out with the seller first - on your order page, you need to hit the REJECTED button or the one that shows you want the order MODIFIED. Then explain to the seller what you need modified. If they cannot fix the problem, then you can appeal to them to mutually cancel, or you can choose to leave negative feedback, but you will be out your $$$.

Also remember, by canceling orders, Fiverr is not giving you back your “processing fee”. You will only get that initial $5 or whatever the base price of the orders without the fee back into your Fiverr balance. It will NOT be refunded to your PayPal, and if you initiate a charge back or refund through PayPal, Fiverr will close your account.


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