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Fiverr's new website: Did anyone lose their ability to add cover photos?


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I have not added mine yet as I am thinking on what to place there? (MY OWN PHOTO?)

They said, no advertising, no words or text at all. Now I am thinking adding a cover will just “COVER” the Gig and buyer may be distracted and go away, so for now, I will keep it clean and simple.


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@hotwebideas I had the same experience. The guidelines listed indicated that I had to own the copyrights to the photo, that it had to be the correct size, etc, but both my cover photos fulfilled those requirements. If we’re not allowed to have anyone else in the photo, it should be specified. Both of the photos I used had another person, but as I hired the photographer for the promotional photography I own all rights.

Will you let me know if you get an answer? Otherwise, I’ll contact CS and let you know 🙂

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Guest bravoi

By the way, Fiverr only allows covers on some gig categories only. It says so on the one before the last blog post, I think…

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Guest weteach

We just got ours approved!

favicon.ico fiverr-logo-new-green-9e65bddddfd33dfcf7e06fc1e51a5bc5.png

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs

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Added my cover image to my gig:

I will create an AMAZING whiteboard or digital hand drawn video scribe 4 you in 24hrs for $5

that is attached to this post and it was promptly REMOVED with the message:

"Your Gig’s cover photo doesn’t meet our guidelines.

Hi solidslick,

Our community editors found that a cover photo you’ve added to the gig: “create an AMAZING whiteboard or digital hand drawn video scribe 4 you in 24hrs” does not meet our content guidelines.

Cover photos are a great tool for enhancing buyers’ experience, but only if they are made using the highest quality, composition and color matching. Our community editors and designers only approve Cover Photos that meet those standards.

Common reasons why a Cover Photo may be rejected:

Cover photo is not a banner. Cover photos are meant to help you make your gig page look richer and more compelling.

You must own the copyrights of the uploaded photo. Photo must be taken by you, no stock photography please!

Image quality must be high. Make sure lighting is optimal and that your image is razor sharp.

Do not use the same image as any of your gig photos.

No stock photography please.

Photo subject must be related to your gig.

Image must be full frame, side to side (no white or other flat color backgrounds please).

Do not add text to your photo.

Each cover photo can be used for one Gig only.


The Fiverr Team.

SINCE then there is NOT a "cover image" section in that gig NOR in a new gig whatsoever!

Here is the rub that really pisses me off!

The attached ACTIVE cover image from a TOP RATED and FEATURED gig that I compared mine to and was told by fiver support:
"We really appreciate your help, however these two images were actually approved by our editorial team, as the text presented on them is part of a sample of the service given. It's a shot from the video provided in the gig. The kind of text we don't welcome is the kind that turn the cover photo into an ad/banner."

The ONLY shot from their video is of the "order" button!

Their image and my image are EXACTLY the same context with different content!!!!

How does that make everyone feel?


NOTE: The original size images were cropped so reposted smaller ones below.
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