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Why Buyers Requests Section is full of seller's requests?


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Hey Guys! I’m Nick and I’ve recently joined Fiverr to try my luck here in Web Development category. I haven’t got any orders so far but that’s not my problem because I know patience is the key.

My problem is those requests in “Buyer Requests” section from different sellers trying to sell their services. To be honest I’m completely fed up by seeing those requests on daily basis instead of some requests from real buyers.

Why Fiverr don’t have a strict policy for these kind of immature sellers? I mean at least they should review the requests before approving it. I know there are thousands of requests every day but How about Fiverr should add up a feature in Buyer Request section in front of every request to “Report it” if you think that request is not according to fiverr rules and regulations.

Need your views on this one and some tips from your side to get my first sale on fiverr. I’ll try my best to keep myself updated with Fiverr Forum too.

Would Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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