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Error in Charging Buyers for Copyrights


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If someone sends you a few words or a line/quote, and you type it and use a font
that you did not personally draw, you don’t have the copyright the creator has it from the
start. HOWEVER, if you draw a design that is uniquely YOUR creation… then that is your
copyright. IF you change the color to a word, that is not your copyright either. Think of this as a house that someone designed… now you are the painter… NOT the creator.

Too many want to charge extra for copyright, when the creator already owns it. Hope that makes sense.

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If you color, or make some change to the buyers creation and you get paid for doing so… your work can not be your copyright. It falls under the laws regulating “WORKS FOR HIRE”. You have to create it, design it, it has to be your expressed creation to be your copyright.

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