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Jack of All, Master of None! 2 tips for Newbies


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I am promoted to level-1 today, and Yes I worked hard for it, especially got sparked after my first order.

So here is what 2 very basic but important Tips for newbies while handling Buyers Requests.

  1. Offer the services only you really good at! Do not try to be Jack of all, You know your expertise better than anyone else. Give buyers exactly the thing that nobody can deliver better than you!!! This will improve the buyers confidence on Fiverr and you.

  2. Do not cut down the price to a value that may hurt other sellers. I know it is a hard to get your first order, but still newbies please do not offer a $100 service in $5, this really could ruin other sellers. Be professional not cheap.

In summary, good communicated reasonable bid given with confidence will give you your first job!

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I saw this: “Give buyers exactly the thing that nobody can deliver better than you!!!” or other sentences with the same sort of advice, at least a dozen times the recent days (while the ‘buyers requests’ didn’t work).

I know that this is meant to be good advice and help people but it’s just, without the slightest intention to offend you, some meaningless statements.

Nobody here can do something that nobody else can. Nobody. Especially not newbies.

Just to take some examples.

Can you design a great package or create a great flyer? I’m sure you can. But, I’m also pretty sure that you can find here at least tens of people that can do the same. Or even a better job than you.

I’m a pretty fast typist (useful when transcribing). I can do about 80 WPM casually and when I hurry I can type about 90 WPM for minutes (98% accuracy). Is this fast? I’d say it’s pretty fast. But I’m sure that there are tens (if not hundreds) of other fiverr members that can do over 90 WPM casually and even reach speeds of over 120 WMP without much effort.

So how can I offer a buyer something that nobody else can deliver (better than me)?

Well, the only possibility I see here is the one you rule out, namely lowering the price at a minimum.

I’m about three weeks around and got a few ‘jobs’ but, even though I can’t be sure because I’m new to this site, I’d say the only way I got those orders was through lowering the price. Of course I did my best and delivered acceptable (for the clients) work as it seems because most of them came back for another order and some of them were even kind enough to leave a nice review of my work. BUT, did I deliver to them something nobody else would be able to deliver? Certainly not. A lot of people here would be able to deliver the work I did. And even though I hope that the clients I had will come back to me if they need similar services again, I KNOW that they can find the same quality I delivered somewhere else.

My point is that I see people trying to give advice to newbies with something like deliver something great that nobody else can or work harder and don’t whine or create attractive GIGs that attract buyers, etc. And this is complete bollocks that can just confuse new users.

Telling a newbie work harder is also just meaningless. How can someone work harder if nobody wants, needs his/her services? Or even if they need them they go to someone with a lot of nice shiny stars?
And no matter how great a newbies gig might be, the truth is that buyers will gravitate towards experienced sellers with great ratings. This is how it is or at least the impression I got from the couple of weeks I’ve been around here.

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The one thing you can offer that no one else can, is your personality.
And it’s not just about being polite. Buyers are looking for help with things that are super important to them. I’m a seller and a buyer here. I have no idea who is on the other side of the screen. I order gigs from people I feel I can trust / understands me. Especially when there is going to be a lot of back and forth communication involved, someone who I get along with well, like a friend, is someone I prefer too.
As a seller, my clients have told me that they chose me over others because they felt I understood them / made them laugh out loud / calmed them down when they were overwhelmed with the project of from life in general.
The thing about personality is, that it’s a matter of who is a good match. A seller that I love to work with, would not necessarily be the right match for a different buyer.
So of course, I want to work with a talented and capable professional. But once I’m in contact with a few, it comes down to personality.
And new sellers, don’t worry - at some point someone will take a chance on you, and if they love your work and working with you, this can lead to a repeat buyer + referrals.

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