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Not Getting Orders


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Go over your gig descriptions and be very precise with your English. I see typos, which isn’t going to help you.

Think about putting more into the descriptions:
Who would the gig benefit? How can they apply or use it? What file formats can you accept or deliver? For example if you’re erasing the background from product photos – say so. That’s a specific niche who needs this service.

On the portfolio image of the bird, don’t show the bird in the marquee with the green selection tool on it. Just show before/after images. No one needs to know how easy your gig is with the right tools.

Use all 3 gig images: the first is used on your gig profile and in the marketplace. Your logo gig needs a gig profile photo that screams “I will create your logo” the other 2 gig images are portfolio pieces and you only have 1 logo. Put 4-5 logos in each image, show people what you are capable of. Make up fictional companies and design logos for them if needed – people just need to see your skills.

I hope that helps!

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