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zohaibayy's public profile on Fiverr

I am a 16 Year Old Student, here to show my many talents,i do provide Website Traffic, YouTube Views. I mostly do Graphics, Logos, Arts, Digitizing, Photoshop. Work with me and i'll surely satisfy you, Thanks.

I am really talented, but got no platform in which i am appreciated so that’s why i chose this platform but can’t seem to get any audience to look at it, what can i do?

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Hi, a few issues:

You don’t have to say how old you are. Tell us about you. You say on your gig description that you’re a passionate artist – that belongs on your profile bio which shows on every gig.

Everything is coming off as insecure and desperate rather than skilled, confident and experienced. Even if you ARE insecure or desperate, that chases away customers.

So even if you’re not secure, confident – write as if you are.

Bio as it is:
“I am a 16 Year Old Student, here to show my many talents, Give me a chance to show them, I’ll surely won’t disappoint you in any way, I hope i deliver your needs, Thanks!”

“I am a passionate artist, here to showcase my many talents. I look forward to working with you.”

You also may not want to say you’re showcasing your many talents because you have 1 gig 🙂

“I am a passionate portrait artist, here to share my talents. I look forward to working with you.”

Gig as it is:

I am a passionate artist, I don’t think that my gig is as expensive as others and i work hard, Give me a possible chance to show you my skills and trust me, you’ll like my work!

1 - Black And White Digital Portraits
2 - Coloured (explained) Digital Potraits
3 - And much much more if explained perfectly.
4 - Moneyback Guarantee If you aren’t satisfied
5 - Samples are above.

Thank you for your time!


Are you looking for a special gift for someone you love? Do you need a black-and-white version of a photo?

I can take your color photo and create a digitally sketched portrait. You choose whether you want it in black and white or color, and we’ll go over exactly what it is that you’re looking for to make sure that you’re satisfied with my delivery.

Please see my portfolio samples above, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You might change your levels to:
Basic: 1 black & white image
Standard: 1 color image
Premium: Add a background to your digital sketch

That’s up to you. Just don’t give away too much for too little money.

The money-back guarantee is something every Fiverr gig provides. It doesn’t really change anything.

I hope this helps!

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