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Mistakenly sent a wrong delivery to wrong order


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I see that you resolved it, but this is for buyers that were in the same situation:

I’ve done the same thing! I work late at night; I’m a night owl. On this particular night, it just turned 12am- mind you, my bedtime is 8-9 because I’m old :P. The embarrassing thing: the person that I sent the order to was like “Huh? What is this?”

After realizing my mistake, I sent the order to the right person and then worked very hard to deliver the RIGHT order to the mistaken person. I sent it days early because of that, but they were still satisfied. They knew that it was a misunderstanding.

My advice: DO NOT use it as an excuse to deliver your order late!!! If anything, send it a little early! If it’s really a problem, then the two of you can modify the order status, much like @kavindatk did.

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