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Be sure to be specific when asking for help


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The forum is a great place to learn new stuff, exchange information, etc.

A post I see here a lot is “I need help,” and personally I believe there is nothing with
asking for help. I’ve done it myself in the past.
What I would like to point out is, don’t just type
"I’m new, I need help."
“My sales went down, I need help.”

stuff like that. BE SPECIFIC. What kind of help do you need?
Those short “I need help” posts tends to come across as “I’m too lazy to do my own
research so spoon feed the information to me.”

Also BEFORE you ask for help, be sure you did everything on your own first.
Did you read everything on the website? Did you look at other people’s gigs and posts?

Posts like “I read everything, I did A,B, and C, I spoke to several people and I also tried
D and E, but so far no success, I would really like to know if I’ve missed anything"
"I started a while ago but so far no sales, I did my best but I’m guessing maybe my profile description is not good enough, can somebody recommend a good editor?” is perfectly fine in my opinion.

I will also point out (I hope I don’t offend people by pointing this out) that people who leave those short “please help” posts tend to be non-native English speakers. I’m guessing that in some cases their posts are short because of their English skills and they don’t have the ability to write certain things in a specific manner. Still, I would recommend them to do their best. Maybe ask someone to edit their comments/questions before posting them.
It might sound like a lot of work, but if you want to success in any kind of business,
I believe it is necessary to put in that time and effort.

Also, please do not send me “I read your post please help me” messages.
Just post them here, AFTER you tried everything on your own first.

Hope this helps!!!

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