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Please Help with security question


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Warm greetings to all respected sellers here. I am new on Fiverr and may not be sure how this works. I am not sure what is going on but I am unable to withdraw my funds because of a security question, I don’t know how it got there.

I have tried all answers I could recall but no luck. I contacted CS but they seem unwilling to help me. One Nate from CS had requested I send a copy of my passport which I had done for two days now but he never replied again. I created another ticket and follow up but it was automatically marked as “Solved” whereas I never got any further response.

I write this in frustration as I had worked so hard to earn and maintain a positive rating on this account. At least, CS should reply and let me know what’s going on with my account.

Fellow Fiveerians, I will really appreciate your suggestions and any help/tips you can give me in this regard.

Thanks please.

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