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Howdy There! Can someone review my gigs?


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Hi, Chris,

Some things I notice about your profile:
Your summary: “50 OFF on the 2nd Order! I’m for the long term, are you?” Do you mean dollars or percent? Your gig isn’t $50 so I assume you mean %. Note: this ONLY shows on the profile page.

First, the people who are coming to your profile page are there to find out about you, not to be sold to. They’re on your profile page trying to figure out a reason to buy from you versus someone else who has the same service.

They’re not thinking about their 2nd order with you. They’re thinking about their first order. I think you’re wasting valuable space where you can make yourself stand out for some reason. Be the unique person that you are. You want to attract the right customers. Your years of experience, former work experience, something awesome about you or your personality, etc.

The bio shows on EVERY gig page:
“I’m a 23 years old Web Designer, Writer, and Graphic Designer living on Earth. See, I believe that the world needs better freelancers that are willing to do quality work on a reliable budget. If you are looking for a Logo design, sales page to book cover - You Want, I Can! Contact me Today!”

You want your grammar and so on to be perfect. You don’t need to tell customers how old you are, that may be taboo to some people. Try talking about your experience.

“I’m a web designer, writer and graphic designer. I have __ years of experience in web & graphic design. I believe in doing quality work and giving my customers reliable quotes, so they know the work will fit their budget. I specialize in logo design, sales pages and book covers.”

The comment about “on Earth” is a little weird and doesn’t need to be there. Of course you’re on Earth, and your gigs have nothing to do with outer space or aliens. You don’t have to talk about other graphic designers and freelancers, just yourself. This is YOUR bio, it doesn’t have to be a manifesto or soapbox.

I hope this is helpful!

Your Logo design gig: specializing is great. Why do you have a “vintage logo design” image and URL but then the title of your gig is changed and doesn’t have “Vintage” in it anymore? Listen to episode 13 of the Fiverr podcast on SEO. http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/fiverrcast-episode-13-generating-traffic-to-your-gigs-with-seo/ Keep this gig for Vintage logos. Being more SPECIFIC is better. Fiverr lets you have several gigs, so you don’t have to fit everyone in one gig. Do the Vintage logos. Do a separate logo gig for 3d or flat images or icons or whatever else you want to offer.

Article writing gig: Please don’t take this wrong. Article writing is how I got to level 1 seller. I’m a native English speaker and I’ve been a writer for 35 years since I was 11 years old. It’s my opinion that to offer writing, you really do need to improve your grammar and be impeccable. People hiring you may be less familiar with English than you are, and assume that you are nearly perfect in your writing. I can see many flaws in your gig description, including misused words. I would not hire you given your gig description.

Book cover design: I looked at some of your competition recently. My background is 20+ years of graphic design & desktop publishing including industry experience in printing and publishing in New York City. I was looking for a Fiverr I could recommend to a client (see my gigs – I work with a LOT of authors!). I’m considering putting up a book cover gig just because I couldn’t find someone who could reliably produce GOOD book covers WITH SPINE TEXT on Fiverr. I know it’s “easy” to make ebook covers – but not everyone is publishing ebooks. So this is a field you could do well in. As someone who works directly with your target market doing interior design of books, book editing & coaching for authors, and needs reliable referral partners on Fiverr – PLEASE perfect your art, and then contact me. I want to see some portfolio pieces for real print book covers including spine and bleed. You can charge more for them. Find out exactly what “spine” “bleed” and “text safety area” mean. Figure out how to make 3d images of books WITH spine text showing. I don’t want to design book covers, but I will if there’s no sellers who step up to the plate to reliably produce beautiful print book cover designs (where the spines are set up correctly) for my customers. So my suggestion is: perfect this skill, use Adobe Illustrator (or another vector art program that lets you be precise with measurements and produce sharp layered vector artwork), offer a free revision when the author knows the number of pages in their book (sometimes authors get a book cover before the interior of their book is done – it helps inspire them), look up spine-width calculations and bleed calculations on the service they’re going to publish on (for example CreateSpace is popular), and where the barcode will be on the back cover (on CreateSpace it’s 1/4 inch from the bottom cut line and 1/4" from the spine on the back of the cover), give the author a free revision for the final page count of their book (because how thick the spine is depends on the number of pages in the book), offer a matching ebook cover as an extra on the gig. Ebook cover design is cheap and easy on Fiverr. It doesn’t take very much skill and no math. Print covers require a little more thought, addition etc.

Then work to perfect the English in your gig description. Grab the text and use Google Translate to translate what you have written back to your native language and see where you used the wrong words. If the grammar doesn’t make sense to Google, it probably won’t make sense to your target clients either.

Hope this all helps!

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