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Can I promote my gig on this forum?


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Yes and no. Yes, there is a place for that, but No, this is not exactly the right place.

This forum is divided into categories, each on a specific topic. The categories are important to help more people participate and benefit by letting them find and follow topics easily, without have to skim past so many posts and topics they don’t care to read.

See the different sections devoted to:

  • Tips for Sellers (you posted here by mistake)
  • Tips for Buyers
  • Fiver Stories
  • Chit Chat
  • My Fiverr Gigs (you should have posted here)
  • The Ranting Pot
  • Bugs
  • Fiver
  • Pimp My Gig (more good tips on HOW to promote your gigs)
  • News
  • Suggestion Box

    (Topic list above was as of June 16, and subject to change.)
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