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Free Service Offer from Sellers - What do you do?


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I often get voice over and other service offers from new & level 2 sellers as well.

Nowdays it’s frequent, getting about 1-2 offers daily they are clicking though my gigs and sending me message, asking me to try their service for free and set their gig as favorite.

I really don’t like to do, but because of fiverr’s new “RESPONSE RATE” system I had to reply them.

my concern is, because their clicking through my gig, this will be taken as a buyer requesting my service, isn’t it? so it will effects my conversion rate ?

What do you guys do with such offers?

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Nothing. They’re just looking at your gig and reply to all initial message within 24 hours. If they seem like a waste of time, respond anyway. If they continue to waste your time, dump a big ole scary brief questionnaire on them, maybe message a couple of days later feigning concern about their sudden disappearance.

And custom quote the “free shit” people. Or lol at them. Whatever floats your boat. But them looking at your gig ain’t then requesting your service, just as you looking at different packs of pasta/rice/whatever at the supermarket isn’t showing intent to buy.

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