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Why 20% cut in tip?


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Fiverr takes a 20% cut from everything paid to a seller. It may seem unfair to take a cut from the tips received, but it is to prevent users from keeping Fiverr from taking its fair share.

If the tips were not also “processed” sellers could request buyers pay them strictly in tips – make a $100 gig into $99 dollars instead of $80 by having the buyer order a $5 gig and then tipping $95.

Remember that Fiverr only takes its cut when a seller is paid or an order is placed. There is no monthly use fee. There is no posting fee per gig. There is no fee until you see money and that is why Fiverr is awesome. So it seems unfair at first, but when you look at how people could scam the system… it’s quite reasonable.

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It’s very simple. No cut on a tip leads to a loophole where Fiverr doesn’t get paid because all the $ is given to the seller for a job as a tip.

There are many scammers and naive people who get angry about this for different reasons. The tip is fair. If you must moan about that, also moan about the upcoming ad system which will “bilk” you even more.

The End.

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i think its fair. Fiverr takes 20% from all earning
now think about fiverr what you will get by paying 20% commission

  1. plate form to sell your services and products
  2. security and safety for your payments
  3. fiverr gives you customer or buyer request according to your gig
  4. full management for each n everything
  5. proper rules and regulation to avoid scams
  6. and many more
    still if you think its not fair now think if you are owner of fiverr how much commission you take from seller for all these services
    thank you
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Sure, that could certainly happen.

For as much as we complain about buyers, though, there are some amazing people who I trust and work with. I have one buyer who sends me scripts for voice overs and before the order is made I record it all because I trust this buyer to pay me later when they are at the office, rather than at home.

So sure, you could scam Fiverr and buyers could scam you. But if you know how to work a system, it will ultimately be Fiverr who loses out and that’s the whole point of the 20% coming out of tips.

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