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Looking for honest [sellers] to do an honest gig for an honest buyer


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When I first came onto Fiverr only a few days ago and had a look around I was excited at all the amazing possibilities that could support my program. From, better quality logo design of my current logo, to an awesome intro video, to having scripts written, video testimonials, video editing, theme music all followed up by a major blast in social media and various other online marketing.

But then I decided to check out the forum before going after the gig’s I feel I would need and that’s when my excitement turned to disappointment. If I lose $5 by trusting someone to advertise my project for me, and they turn out to only deliver a few thousand FALSE clicks - I can live with that, but what it will do is cause me to not trust anyone on this site, and I don’t think that’s fair to those of you who are truly on here offering real and honest services.

But after all that I have read, I’m finding it difficult to choose who I should contact and who I should stay away from.

So I’m hoping those of you who offer honest gig’s read this post and respond, I’m happy to discuss what I need with anyone. As for marketing gig’s - anything that sounds too good to be true usually always is so i’m going to be specially picky when talking with you so please do not take it personal. For anyone who would like to get familiar with my program before responding to this post I would advise following this link: http://www.******** as it as it best explains everything. I’m very real, I’m not looking to scam anyone or be scammed by anyone. I look forward to reading all of your posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Sorry for your disappointment, but this is not the right place to post your request. Posting a request at the Buyers Request would have been more appropriate. As it is, no one can see your link because it is against the forum rules to post a link or advertise on the forum.

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Hello davidjankowski:

I was Buyer for a year before I became a Seller recently, so I can relate to your concerns. Please do not be put off by the Forums, as they can be feisty sometimes. For every post telling a tale of woe, there are far more positive experiences that are not told. Humans are far more likely to talk about a negative in a Forum than they are to take the time to tell a story of a great e-commerce experience.

As a previous Buyer when I was setting up a Shopify site, and a current Seller, I recommend the following approach:

  1. Deal with 5-star rated Level 2 or Top Sellers who have a large number of completed purchases.
  2. Read their reviews from other Buyers.
  3. For tasks such as logos, view their portfolios attached to their main Gig images.
  4. Rather risking a lot of money at once on several Sellers, deal with one or a small number to start, and buy inexpensive small gigs, that can certainly be real items, but effectively act as tests to evaluate them by. I suggest doing just one purchase at the start so you may gain knowledge of the mechanics of how the Buying and Selling of a Gig works and looks.
  5. Don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Me” button on each Seller’s Gig page, to either send information about exactly what you require or ask them questions The degree of detail and professionalism in the replies are good indicators, in addition to the above, as to the competence of each Seller.
  6. In relation to point 5, you can always send a message with an attachment if your tasks are complex. I have attached Word and Excel documents in the past giving my specifications for large tasks, asking for quotes. This is the perfect way to determine whether to place a Custom Order with a Seller.
  7. There is the option of posting any given task as a “Buyer Request.” As a new Seller, though, be prepared to have a large number of replies, many of which will not be from top-rated Sellers. The top-rate Sellers don’t peruse the Buyers’ Requests, as business comes to them by virtue of their reviews and ratings.

I followed the above when I needed logos, and found a terrific person who did everything wonderfully with no speed bumps.

The only drawback in the Forums in terms of finding the right Sellers to do your work is that Sellers are not permitted to promote their Gigs direct to Buyers, and hyperlinks are only permitted in limited circumstances.

A good cautionary note is to be weary of any Sellers who send you spam messages, by virtue of the “Contact Me” hyperlink next to your username in your original post.

Finally, I recommend a read of the Terms of Service, as they come in handy if you ever come across a bad experience. As two examples, you have a Mutual Cancellation option if matters are not going well with a Seller, and, there are notable financial recourse options over certain time frames. I won’t go into details on these items myself, as I don’t want to inadvertently provide incorrect information.

I hope all this helps. I am confident that with the above general best practices, you will find excellent competent Sellers .

Regards - James

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