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Level Two in Eight Months


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Sounded like a miracle when I started in January and yes, it is a Miracle!

It was a miracle that I got my first order, it was a miracle that I went on to get to Level Two. But then, there is lot of patience, determination and dedication that went in as well. There’s luck in everything, but not everything happened luckily. I am sure all the sellers on Fiverr have their own stories, that I keep reading on Blogs and Forums, and I would request everyone to come up with your stories and share them with us all - for inspiration, for motivation and for having the trust on Fiverr and it’s system.

These 8 months period was nothing but a roller coaster ride. Many things happened which were not desired as well. Buyers contacted and did not buy even after spending hours in convincing them and giving away the action plan and even prototypes. Few buyers and resellers bought gigs, but never rated or reviewed. One reviewed, but gave low rating while the review read - “Good Experience!” - no idea why, delivery was perfect! The biggest among these low points was when my best selling gig was denied by Fiverr (which was readily reinstated when I contacted support)! But still, things fell in right places, and worked good for me.

If it worked good for me and thousands others on Fiverr, it will work good for you as well.

One thing that I want to stress on is the service after sales. Along with great product & services offered, with great communication and talks, we need to focus on Service After Sales (SAS) as well, and that is one huge thing that has helped me on Fiverr. I would request new sellers to concentrate more on the buyer needs, than the money that you receive in exchange. If you can align your goals with that of the buyer, there is nothing like that. I am sure Fiverr Analytics would know (and could add this stat to show), more than half of what I have earned here so far came from the repeat buyers. They loved my work the first time - they came back the next time as well. Make your relationship with the buyer and you will be benefited in the long run.

And one VERY IMPORTANT tip for specially the new sellers: DO NOT sell for $5 which is worth a $50! You may be able to beat a lot of others and win a job when you bid much lower that what the job deserves, but this will not help you gain trust of the buyer - and it will obviously hurt the entire seller community. Buyer starts expecting more for less - sellers sell more for less - quality goes down - quantity goes up - buyer loses interest - market closes! More on this, when I start writing my blog.

Before I end today, I wish everyone a wonderful career here on Fiverr.
Have a happy time. Keep faith in the system and dedicate yourself to the needs of the buyer - both before and after you have sold and nothing can stop you from being a successful seller here on Fiverr.

Thanks for all your wishes. All the best!

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Thanks 🙂 This is actually very important. I am not against doing a $5 job - we all get and we all do. But when you know you are going to spend hours of hard work on something and still ask for $5, that hurts. Know your worth. Ask for what you deserve. That’s all.

Wish you all the best with your designing career here on Fiverr 🙂

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First of all congratulations on getting a level 2 rating. I wish you more luck for the future.

Now, I do not mean to boost here, but I am working on this website from June 2016 and I am already at level 2. I also, had a few road bumps on my way, but what I learnt here is that you just have to provide your buyers with the best quality of work possible. I completely agree with stdwares that you should never lower the quality of the work and the price at which you offer it. In the long run it truly degrades your position.

I would like to wish the best to all my fellow sellers over here and I do hope the serious ones do prosper.

Thanks & Regards,

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