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Not fair


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fivers are not professional, do not follow directions even when i literally create a mock-up and tell them to simply copy!!

my bank account is being deducted even though i did not accept delivery and revisions were not made.

fiverrs don’t respond. this is not a game folks, it;s business and these kids are playing games.

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Firstly, the person you chose to do your job is not professional - not everyone here - did you by any chance take the cheapest option you could?

Secondly, it sounds as if you have not read the ToS or anything about how Fiverr works. How about you follow my directions and read them before ordering anything else, that way you will understand why the money was taken from your account. You will also find out how to deal with a seller that has not delivered what he promised.

It’s normal to read the contract before entering into a deal - that’s business.

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When I was a teenager, I frequently said things like “but this isn’t fair!” My mother almost always replied with a totally inadequate “life’s not fair!”.

So coming into this post, I was thinking of that. You sound like teenage me (which is not great). The great thing about the desparate unfairness of 99% of life is that it’s really, really unfair for everyone involved. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose–but it won’t be fair to at least one party.

Your best defense against Life’s Great Unfairness is actually using your brain to swing things so that they go your way. Your post, which is badly written, missing quite a lot of important details to help others understand the issue and overall just a petulant “NOT FAIR” doesn’t really help anyone, least of all you.

Anyway, if you didn’t accept the delivery–you did click the modification request button instead of just letting it fester in its woeful inadequacy, right?–then you’ve lost no money.

Anyway, you’re wrong about it not being a game. The Bank of America agrees with me on this one. It’s a virtual simulation and we’re just incidences in it. In the vast, vast expanse that is the human experience of fairness and unfairness, this rates very low down on the scale.

Contact Customer Support. You’ll get a lot more done than a plaintive whin(g)e on the forum. Unless, of course, you’re selectively telling the story to make you look better, which is a little unfair, no?

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