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What am I doing wrong?


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Hi, I’m new here on fiverr, I started like 20 days ago, and Got my first order 4 days ago. I did it and after that nothing, cricket singing , And I got alot of tips from other sellers and id almost all of them, Changed my profle pic, changed all the gigs description and title, changed my profile description in something slightly more proffesional and I made a video for every gig, and original photos and I do for 5$ more than any other person that does same things. As example. I translate 1100 words for 5$ Ro-En. Others do like 300 words with a photo from google images with no profile pic or description and still get more orders than me. Is really sad.
If you want to give me a tip on what to change just tell me, I can take any kind of critisism.

                                                                   Have a Nice Day!
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Dear Eduard:

I took a quick look at your stuff.

I’d suggest that you:

  1. polish your English. Don’t assume that your reader knows what “Ro to En” means.
  2. increase the resolution of your videos
  3. remove any wording like “Do NOT be fooled by the lack of orders, thats just a illusion.” Focus only on the positives.

Getting established on Fiverr is difficult and requires that you be patient and constantly work to improve your gigs.

Good luck,

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Your profile could use polishing. Make sure you’re using your very best English, especially if you’re putting yourself out there as a translator. That includes punctuation and all grammar.

“Hello guys!.I’m a hard working guy. I’m a fluent English speaker and Native in Romanian and will translate your Romanian texts to English and viceversa. I can edit videos for you and/or add lyrics/subtitles.I also can make you a happy birthday song. Don’t wait and take a look at my gigs!!”

Maybe change it to:
“I’m fluent in English and a native Romanian speaker. I will translate your Romanian text to English, or vice versa. I also edit videos and can add lyrics or subtitles. I have other talents as well, so please take a look at my gigs!”

This profile shows up on every gig, so you may not want to be redundant with your profile saying exactly what every gig does.

Saying “Hello guys!” implies you’re only/mostly talking to men. Better off without it.

Everyone knows your profile is about you. 🙂 You could tell people why you’re so fluent in English, about your passion for video editing, and your terrific singing voice or musical talents. You don’t have to tell them about the gigs – the gigs should speak for themselves. Don’t waste the valuable space for showcasing your background/experience/skills.

You may want to try Duolingo or other methods of leveling up your English even more. It’s very good – but it can get better.


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I do agree with the other individuals here, your profile could use polishing. Consider reaching out to an editor - here on Fiverr in fact, or some other individuals who provide that service - in order to ensure you have another professional really examine how you are presenting yourself.

Also realize, that you can’t just have a perfectly worded Fiverr gig, post it and get a wealth of orders. There is a lot of competition these days on Fiverr, so you need to take a proactive and strategic approach to marketing to a target market - this will not only enable you to increase your sales, but using a strategic and targeted approach you will begin to position yourself as an expert within a target demographic and can raise your fees over time.

Marketing strategy is not something that comes natural to everyone, so consider investing in getting some initial help from someone who does specialize in it or take some courses online to see how you can best create milestones, position yourself as a value add opportunity for potential customers and measure the ROI on all efforts you make.

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Keep doing what others are saying but read the forum a LOT more. You would know if you read. Posting repeatedly (same topic) in less than a month is kind of nutty, crossing some forum rules boundaries and could make you lose forum access.

Patience! Some people needs 4 months for a saale but others need a year to get rolling forward.

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