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samueltutor and I have done a private message or two. We are in league and have tossed inclusiveness out the window.

S/he by all accounts at my end, is a fine polite new member of the community with good intentions. And bonus . . . s/he can post with proper grammar and spelling! We don’t want to lose a member like that.

samueltutor - Please send me a direct message as per yesterday and I will respond. That we way I don’t have to worry about spamming.

Don’t worry about the villagers. I’ve only recently moved to the Selling village from about a 1 year stint in Buyers village, and . . well, I’ve just never seen such crowds running about with so many torches and clubs and the like. The postman says, “It’s all in good sport, old boy.” Friendly fellow.

But, I say, it’s seems like it’s been ages though, and, I’m still waiting to be invited around for drinks. They say that apparently Ouzo was very popular yesterday.

(I woke up this morning saying, "I will not post in the Forums. I will not post in the Forums. I will not . . . ")

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I dunno man, editing a post to make another person look bad while removing an embarrassing mistake (for a proofreader) doesn’t strike me as great behavior on a forum. I’d rather deal with idiots than the disingenuous. He made a point that required 1 simple check, failed to do it, then took the cowardly edit route instead of “oops, my bad”.

Then disappeared. Much like his search results miaow

And don’t drink Ouzo. It’s disgusting. G&Ts all the way if you’re going for the long drinks.

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