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Advance Seller Tips | Know what are you really missing to get Sales!


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Hello My Fellow Sellers!!!

With all my best regards I hope you all are doing awesome. I’m actually here today to share my own experience on Fiverr selling with you all. We all are here with the same purpose which is to sell our services on Fiverr. Almost all of us expect maximum result on per our gig selling but most of us don’t even know the actual way to achieve the maximum success on Fiverr. Many are there who intend to sell just by setting up their gig expecting that Fiverr itself would do the rest as it is a big platform itself and thousands of buyers visit here everyday. Some of them additionally send 10 buyer requests per day and a few share their gigs with their own social world in highest. But did you think whether there are any other ways except these things? Do you know what a big opportunity we are missing out there??!!!

As far I guess, most of you will answer with a ‘No’. But There have been other effective ways to boost your gigs on Fiverr. I’ll share those ways which had been revealed to you never before. Let’s begin!!!

>>Do you know how Fiverr Organic Ranking works?
You must have wasted all these months and Years on Fiverr by just wondering about “How the top sellers get these mass orders!!!” There must be some other techniques that you are lacking of. What makes them get so many sales on Fiverr and not you?
Fiverr Organic Result refers to the search results that a buyer or visitor gets after searching with their desired services. There are thousands of gigs for each single service on fiverr. For example, if a buyer wants to buy some contents and search on fiverr with the keyword “Article Writing” then he will supposed to get a huge number of results around 5k+, which means 5k sellers are offering their gigs of Article Writing at the same time. At such condition, obviously the first sellers on the top search results will win the order among this huge numbers of sellers.

So, let’s discover what remained behind the screen!!!

>>Some of the key factors that Fiver considers before giving a gig higher rank in the search result-

★★Analytical Factors★★

  1. Buyer’s Feedback:
    Keep your buyer’s feedback on the first priority. Fiverr values it the most that what your buyer’s feedback on your service. So, value your buyers most of all and try to achieve the highest level of their satisfactory. Tips: Provide them with several revisions until they are fully satisfy. It might cost you some time but will give you a Good Profile with positive feedback and it enhances the chances to get re-orders from the same buyer which will create a great impression.

  2. Order Cancellation Rate
    The second thing that Fiverr is likely to notice your order cancellation rate which means, how many orders you have been cancelled. If you frequently do that, it’s obvious that you will only achieve some bad impression from your buyers and Fiverr. And, directly or indirectly it hits on Fiverr’s reputation. So, it’s important to respond to your buyer’s orders on Fiverr.

  3. Average Response Time
    Buyers usually want to hire the most responsive seller since they find for a service when they are actually in need of it. So, definitely Fiverr will tend to bring the most responsive sellers to offer to the buyers. Thus, don’t underestimate your average response time to your buyers.

  4. Conversion Rate
    Say, you got ranked by Fiverr, buyers are frequently visiting your gig but unfortunately you are not getting any order at the end of the day. So, what would that mean? It simply indicates that your gig doesn’t have that punch!!! So, conversion rate is important for you. In this case my suggestion to you is, not to focus on just selling your gig while creating your gig, rather you should focus on offering your buyer what’s better you can provide them with comparing to others.

★★Optimization and Promotion★★

  1. How perfectly you optimized your Gig and Profile
    You all must have noticed one thing in your gallery while creating your gig which is- Fiverr have been encouraging us to add a video in our gig. A video does not only provide a complete overview of your gig in a short time, it also boosts up the quality of your overall gig presentation to another dimension which drive buyers attention on your gig and increase their fondness to Fiverr at the same time. So, try to add a video in your gig or at least try to add some useful images to catch buyer’s attention.

In an addition to it, focus on your Fiverr Profile Optimization and try to add more about you in the profile, where ‘skills’ should be your first priority to fill up. Try also to link up all of your social profiles with it as it strengthens to satisfy the trust issues. Fiverr will definitely prioritize you while you yourself prioritize the most.

  1. To what extent you have promoted your own gig
    This point is last but not the least. I would even refer to it as the most important point that you must follow. No matter how big your plan is you can never turn it into reality without put all your efforts in the right way. Fiverr will never promote you to the buyers if you yourself don’t do so. So, right after creating your gig, just do some social share as much as you can. This way you will promote both Fiverr and your own gig at the same time which will be beneficial for both parties and Fiverr has to put you in its good book then. 😉

To take it to the higher level, I’ll highly suggest you to create some High quality Backlinks which will boost up the link juice of your Gig URL and increase its Authority instantly which is eventually the best way to get ranked in Fiverr. For example, if you search in Fiverr typing “SEO” you would get a Gig offering ‘PR9 30 Authority Social Links’ on the #1 position. Wanna discover the secret that how they got ranked with #1? Check the Screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/cj4xzx

They have built backlinks for their own gig and got ranked in Google with 263 keywords and thus they also get #1 rank in Fiverr.

Now you know exactly what the secret is. So, don’t waste a single moment of your time and get into the field right now. But make sure you don’t nip it in the bud. Remember one thing, quality SEO is not an easy task anymore. Tons of links will destroy your gig and more even can mark it as a spam. So, if you are not that expert then see a professional and ask him to get it done.

Here I have brought you one step closer to it. I have created a Gig for all fiverr sellers and also for the general buyers and even for myself offering an expert service to create ‘Authority Links’ which will boost up your rank in fiverr instantly and moreover help you to expand your online presence promoting your Gig as well as your Brand Name. Hope, you are not gonna miss this marvelous opportunity. So Don’t forget to check my profile for the Authority Backlink gig.

Let me know whether this post was helpful for you and please feel free to ask if there any query you want to know at any time. FiverLead is always there for you.


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That was a lot of effort and writing for spam. I didn’t read it all, but I am wondering why your screenshot is for another Fiverr seller (a very successful one, too)? It is rather unfortunate if you forgot to delete the URL link and wanted to pass off their results as yours, for example.

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Did you research anything regarding backlinks on Fiverr?
If yes, please mention that. I’ve written and also gave example of my research. So stop telling people who’s what unless you’re not sure what you’re talking about. And obviously I mentioned my own gig here as well but that’s not for the promotion but for the sake of fiverr sellers.

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I said all the things about suggestions and advice and at the bottom just mentioned about my own services that’s why the whole thing is sales pitch? Seriously??!! LOL.

Yes I researched, experimented and only then I’ve written what you read. I’ve worked on Amazon, eBay Google (for 4 years) and many other platforms. I know how organic ranking works. and with all those experiences I just gave a simple guideline to the new seller. Is it wrong in any way?
If you don’t like it just leave it…

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