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Few words for WordPress website security


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Hello good people of fiverr,

I just want to share few tips for website security which might save you from disaster. Its very important to ensure that your website is secured from all types of threads, attacks and Malware/suspicious code injection. As your website stays live and healthy, you can concentrate on your business.

So here are few points to keep your website to be on safe side:

Website Backup

Make sure you are taking backup of your website monthly/weekly/daily based on how your website frequently updates. This has nothing to do with security but this is the first step you should take to be on safe side. You can take the backup manually or through backup services provided by many popular companies.

Hosting Security

Make sure your hosting is appropriate for your website/CMS (content management system). Check the security features comes with the hosting and what benefits they can bring to your website. Apart from hosting up-time, security features are one of the most important factor that a lot of people ignore.

Spam control

You can always go for few popular spam control plugins which will save your website from thousands of spammers. Its recommended to use the plugin ‘Akismet’ to get rid of comment spammers on your news/blog/events.

Malicious/suspicious codes

This is one of the dangerous thread that a lot of people face. When your website gets infected and venerable, even google block your website from viewers. You can save your website by taking few initiatives like installing security plugins line “Jetpack”, “Wordfence” and configure them as per your need. These are very effective plugin which blocks thousands of brute force attacks and keeps your website secure.

Always stay up to date:

Its recommended that your upgrade WordPress and plugin versions to the latest one. This includes updating your theme too or sometimes the website gets break for incompatibility or version mismatch. You can have professionals to handle this part if you are unsure of what you are doing during the upgrade process. Do not forget to keep backs before you perform upgrade to keep a pull back plan. Upgrades helps you to make your website strong and secure with latest fixes and security.

Keep on eye to your Plugin list

Why I am saying this? well first of all you are using multiple plugins to bring various features to your websites. these plugins are developed by different developers/companies. Make sure you are using plugins from trusted sources who has frequent updates. Also delete unused plugins right away.

File permission, Login credentials, hide admin area:

To protect your files and resources, you should check file permission of your hosting (file manager). According to WordPress.org, set files to 640 or 644 and wp-config.php to 600.

Never use “demo” “admin” as your login username also look for plugins which hides your admin area so no one but you knows the actual login URL to find admin login panel

Other Precautions

You can get third party services to check scan your website for malware, monitor website for up-time and few paid plugins for security. These are just some bonus Precautions to stay secure.

You can ask me if you have any question/confusion regarding any point I have mentioned above. I will keep writing more useful staff.


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