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Warning about scammers


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Hi just got a message this morning that went like this:

Hi sue_mcl, i hope you are doing well

I’ve seen your offer and I’m very interested in your service but i want you apply this idea in this gig :

(website link to a fiverr gig)

Please let me know if you can do it , How much will it cost , and how we can proceed ?

Waiting for your answer.



Just a big warning to anyone else that gets this message - I got one almost exactly like this last year and it took me to a fiverr gig, which was nothing to do with my gig offering and I thought hmmmm that is strange, but then I noticed for some reason I wasn’t logged in to fiverr anymore so I went to log back in, until I realised that the link wasn’t actually fiverr, it was an incredibly good copy of a fiverr gig on a website designed to track my login information.

So don’t get sucked in!

I immediately replied and asked for a script or a direct link not a short link - as a short link makes it less obvious what they are doing and surprise surprise, no response from this potential buyer.

It is such a clever scam because they make you think that you might get an order out of it…

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im nervous my first ever gig order is a scammer lol he is asking for a lot of crap outside of what my gig actually offers. Its my first gig so im scared hes going to give negative feedback if I dont do what he wants. Are people able to give feedback on someone they havnt completed a gig with?

I want to give the best service to absolutely any genuine person that orders from me, but I don’t like to be taken advantage of. Is that too much to ask or am i being unfair?

I hope he isnt scamming me.

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Yes, there are scam here in fiverr. I actually received a message in my inbox from a fiverr username “Sebrinaa”.
The scam using that(sebrinaa) as a username requested that I should contact him with his Gmail address "Sebrina1976@gmail.com" for a business talk, a business that will continue for a long time.
However before contacting him, I checked his fiverr profile, which stated that he is from Senegal, and have been in fiverr since 2014. I also went further to facebook/google search for the name “Sebrina” and got some results which I scrutinized. Majority of the search pointed that name to a Staff of Islamic Bank in UK. With all these verified, I proceeded to contact this scam hiding under the name of that Public Figure, Sebrina(of the Islamic Bank in the UK).
To cut the long story short, his response to my email removed every shade to the fact he is a scam hiding under the real name of a known public figure. So everyone should please be on the guard

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I didn’t lose anything. Thankfully I recognised the message from last year when I was not as savvy (and did click on the link and re log in) thankfully that time I worked it out pretty quickly what was going on and changed my password etc immediately.

Since this was the first time I have seen this scam in 18 months, I didn’t click on the link this time, just put this post up as a warning to others not to follow the link.

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