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Best Tips to Remove Negative Reviews on Fiverr


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Best Tips to communicate with buyer and convert it into regular Buyer:
1)Make a good relation with the buyer.
2)After Delivery if your buyer is not satisfied, ask for a modification and give him/her pleasant satisfaction.
3)Accept your mistake and do favor like extra service or any bonus or free gig.
4)Buyer still not accept the delivery please cancel the order and do not misbehave with his/her.


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You’re right with ONE MILLION EMAIL LISTS I would also prost garbage like that. Oh wait, I already do 🙂
I wonder how many e-mail addresses per list there are. Imagine if it’s only 10 per e-mail list, then you can reach out to for just $5,-. And of course totally laser targeted. You will no professional agency that can deliver that.

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I’m saving my trinkenlust (my made up Germanic family word of the day) for Friday, my dear. But let’s look at this masterpiece. Anyone who buys this is a fool. Also, while this special offer is on offer their regular offer (a much more conservative few K) is on offer etc.

“The list” is a database of email addresses. But to be more specific and to put into practical terms, the list consists of email addresses.

Now they’re on your ‘list’; you have a database of the prospective buyer or leads, and they are your money mining. The larger the list, the more potential customers you have.

That’s why I will provide you a huge database of email addresses.
I will give you one million different email addresses of online shopper of india, and mostly they come from askmebazaar, flipkart and snapdeal

YES, 1 MILLION = 1.000.000 emails only or $10.

All emails are clean. No duplicate, no bad domain, no role ID’s, no invalid emails and ready to use!

So cheap buyers on a list that hasn’t been vetted properly, likely dredged from God knows where? I don’t think OP is in any place to be offering advice. You will also note the complete absence of targeting here. Now, list arbitrage is a thing, but this is the worst example of it possible. Take that ten bucks and set in on fire. It will give you a warm glow, rather than a cold feeling of a waste of money to idiots. You’re still wasted money, but you wasted it a bit better. Plus, if you’re in a country with a central bank where you can get the $ back so long as the serial number is intact, you haven’t lost a thing or funded a scammy-sounding outfit with poor advice and worse service.

As such, positive reviews will be from lightbulbs that are elderly and dim, while the brightest lightbulbs won’t appear–or shine with ferocity at the shitty promise that turned out to be crap.

C’mon, OP. Defend yourself. I have some 4-ply toilet paper right now. It’s wonderful. I know that it is more useful than this particular service. At least my fingers won’t poke through into a certain reality (that’s worth a lot)?

As for secret love, may I recommend 10cc–I’m Not In Love?

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A buyer is not looking for a good relationship in you or the other things you are investing your time talking about. They only need their work.

Simply communicate well while discussing their requirements, do your best in completing their job to their satisfaction and be ready to refund if they’re not satisfied.

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