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Am I the only one?


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Sorry for posting again but I really love this site ( even if i just started some time ago ).
So I want to know this, how does buyer request work? I mean, I see the posts there, If i want i send them a offer that its like really good. I mean, I translate for 5$ 1100 words, no one does that at ro-en. Only like 300 to 900. And still no one even cares to reply to me. Do they get even the offer? Or I am just a looser?:))

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Your entire approach is the issue I think. You are young and buyers might get the impression you are not experienced enough. Your recent tagline showed it. Not sure if you took the time to work on your profile but if you didn’t now is the time.

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“I need to make money because I am poor and in Highschool”

Or something like that.

I would change your profile picture. Also maybe consider hiring a writer to write a catchy tagline and gig description for you.
Try a couple different things to see what works what doesn’t.

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If you love this site because you seriously want to sell here, you’ve got to buckle down and starting actually “listening” to what others are telling you and applying them. I’m going to give it one more shot to see if you are serious. If you just love the site because it’s cool (which is it) but you aren’t serious about selling, please say so and then you can just yammer on the forum without interference.

You have to think like this: You are a young businessman who wants to open his own business and you have an advantage because you can sell at least 2 products to start out that only cost time for you but not any money. As a businessman, you need to look the part, sound the part, feel the part and be it. You will see seller who break out of this mold fine, especially in artistic categories, but as a newbie who is young, you’d be better off to start super-pro. Here you go, for real:

1.) Put on a nice shirt, face the camera or find a good angle like you might see in a stock photo of a businessman, take off the headset and give a nice smile. Not a silly big laugh-face and not a deadly serious face, just a pleasant smile. Use that as your profile pic.

2.) Go to the Business Copy writing section of Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/writing-translation/business-copywriting

3.) Read the taglines of some of the most successful sellers there. After you read many, go read a bunch more in your categories. Decide how you want to say something powerful in a few words or write down a series of words about your brand. If you can come up with something good, make it your tagline, you can try others later, and if you don’t like your ideas, hire one of the more inexpensive level 2 or TRS to write you a tagline. Buying a gig on Fiverr is also an EXCELLENT learning experience.

4.) Read a bunch of gig descriptions by TRS in the translation category. Read a bunch in the video category. Find a lot of really good ones that would make you want to buy. Don’t copy ANY of them word for word - you’ll get in trouble. Just get a lot of good ideas. When you are ready, write your own. Then proofread it. Then proofread it again. Hopefully you know someone who can help you with English and check it once more. Your English is not strong yet, and that’s OK but you will need some help until it is better. You can hire some $5 proofing here too, if you need it.

5.) After that, you might be ready to apply for some buyer requests, but respond to them thoughtfully. You can offer a million word translation for $5 but few want to risk $5 on an unprofessional and risky person with a poor profile and no real sample work. Speaking of samples, if you can deliberately create some short paragraphs to show your Eng-RO translation and put them in your gig images that will help. If you offer RO-Eng too, do the same, because they need to see how well you can render the English. They might not mind if it has mistakes, but buyers DO want to know what to expect.

If you follow those steps for real, you have a chance here. That’s just the beginning. Sooner or later you will probably need some more gigs too. Things you can really do. Anyway, I’m being very real with you, that’s a literal guide to how to get started with your situation. If you don’t at least try it or some of it, I’m not going to believe your posts. As to your question about you being the only one, no, you are not. Buyer Requests take a lot of effort like everything on Fiverr and the newer sellers with less communication skills have just as much trouble.

These below will help you also and the one from fiverrcast is a video so if you are a visual learner, try that especially, along with the other podcasts. These other links will help too, though. Please try to use some of this or switch up your posts to just fun stuff in Conversations.

FIV_Favicon_v1-Green.png.2cc07a16ab475f141535365bea548bbe.png Fiverr Forum – 10 Jul 15 favicon.ico

10 Best Seller Tips - FiverrForums - Beneficial To All, Best For Newbies

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