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Hello everyone, I hope the following helps you in some way because I’d like to share my experience with Fiverr. Well I am a member here since January 2014 and I work as a level 2 writer. Anything in the area of creative writing (stories for children, essays, content writing etc.). The first thing you need to know if you want to make it as a seller is that patience is a virtue that is highly appreciated here. For me it wasn’t easy to balance working on Fiverr and being a second year Law student at the time, as I had to postpone activities and sometime reject work that I could easily accomplish so that I could focus on my studies.
What I’ve learned in my almost three year experience here is that a top notch delivered work is the only thing that will attract further buyers in the future. Great, positive reviews are essential and once you get on a roll you have to be careful to always pay attention to the buyer’s needs, and never take a job unless you believe you can deliver an excellent product.
Time and experience will help you grow and you will begin to understand more about the product you are offering. Make sure to always be polite, timely deliver and give your best. Always strive to maintain a good reputation and make it your goal that a buyer becomes a repetitive buyer, thus helping you climb up in this competitive jungle.
If possible, making Fiverr your primary job will surely result in an increase of income, better rating thus giving you motivation to carry on.
There are many tools that can help you improve the service you are offering, so always strive towards upgrading yourself, that way you will be able to offer an authentic end result.
For me personally there isn’t a greater pleasure than watching that 5 star review being posted on my profile, as in that moment I know the job that I provided was well done.
Last, if you don’t have many orders sometimes, always keep a positive attitude and learn from your mistakes, because that’s the only way you will grow.
Fiverr all the way.

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