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(Request) Can someone create me clone forum?


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Just to be clear, are you talking about making your own personal (and legal) forum look and have the same features as another forum whose style and layout you admire? If that is all you seek, and you are not asking someone to copy the other forum’s content, member info or images – then SOMEONE can do it. But your question is a little short of detail.

You should be able to find out which software the other forum you like is using by looking at the bottom of their main page. Often there is a logo or note simply stating which forum SW and version they use. Then install and use that, or have your hired help use the same or similar software and adjust the settings to match. Without taking the original content of the other forum, or trying to confuse viewers about any connection to the other forum. Will take time and aggravation, but do-able.

But if you post more about this it would probably be smart to make your intentions clear.

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