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Here are some tips. Bet 99% of you won't take them, though


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Hello, whiners, whingers and fellow rats,

The ship is not sinking. You just need to learn how to swim.

The title is a bit misleading–but aren’t 99% of them on this forum anyway?–but that’s not important. What’s important, dear whiners, is making the best of your lot. Now, my sales went down a bit in late August/early September, so I’ve spent a few hours each evening after work for about a week now fiddling with my bits and pieces.

My sales are UP. Now, trolling Buyers Requests is a waste of time for me, but I do believe it has its value for a newb. But let’s focus on your profile, or at least your invisible gigs. You know, the one(s) you whine about incessantly while ululating and lamenting to the evil God of Fiverr for your terrible misfortune.

Now, I’ve been updating mine, as they were, frankly, shit. Some of them still are at the time of writing. They were boring. They melted into the background. They didn’t have personality. They weren’t going to be the Belle of the Ball.

Neither are yours. Maybe my new ones are still shit, but they do stand out. “But @emmaki, they won’t see it anyway, Fiver suxx!”. Oh, stop whinging! Make a new gig. Be featured in the new list. Do a better job than the other newbies. Work it.

Anyway, conversions have gone up by an earth shuddering 0.4%, but combined with my price hike and awesome copy, those conversions have had money. I don’t care about the conversion rate. Neither should you. If you’ve hardly got any sales or views or whatever, it’s going to be up and down like a tart’s knickers.

Completed today: my 4-page questionnaire. This has been designed to scare of non-serious people at the inbox, and assure serious buyers that I am indeed a pro, and there’s all the questions they can answer so I don’t have to play Q&A ping-pong. It is going into effect as of tomorrow.

As an added bonus, it serves as a sample of my handwriting for those obnoxious “plz as sample rewrite this thx” scambags.

Coming over the week:Uh, I dunno, seat of my pants here. Probably FAQ it all up and play with the tags. You know, the advice that’s on here every 5 minutes?

Is this overkill for Fiverr? Maybe, but you’re thirsty for tips, apparently, and you and I both want decent money, not someone’s fluff-riddled change they just pulled out of the back of the couch. Also, you want to make sales. So stop whining and start working for your own future.

It’s not that hard, unless the idea of work terrifies you and you thought this was some sort of charity.

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I seriously hope this post is eye-opening for a lot of people out there.
Every seller ( including TRS) needs to put in a LOOOOOT of time and effort to maintain sales.
If people are thinking that Fiverr is an easy quick way to earn money, think again.
It could be easy and quick (at times that is) once the ball starts rolling, but getting the ball to roll at the start will take some time. Once it starts to roll, then you need to make sure it stays that way.

I am quite curious about the 4 page questionnaire though, Emma, would it be OK
if I contact you through your inbox? I’d love to read it! 😃

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Not too much happened today as my internet disappeared for 14 hours–fun–and then Fiverr went crazy with the missing data and stuff. So, my new questionnaire got sent out and I had people asking me why I had sent them a picture of a black lady (Fiverr’s tech issues, but eventually went on to order), didn’t respond at all (too much effort/potential bad buyer) or didn’t bother but placed an order with my suggested word count and $$$ price.

Takeaway: today could have been easier. However, with an instant response introducing my brief questionnaire and a quick link, I save a LOT of time. You will too–but you’ll need to make sure that most bases are covered.

As an additional bonus, you can also throw your personal buyer T&C in at the end (I chose a scary-lookig Word-template red box!). After the buyer has invested their own time writing a brief and thinking about your Qs, they’re more likely to read and listen to your T&S. After all, we all sign up here clicking accept without reading… takes no time, it’s free. Take some time, get an investment, jack up the prices and make your worth known.

It’s also worth noting that you will have a lot more control over the brief. If you’re tired of wiffly-waffly stream of consciousness briefs that are 4000 words long and leave you wondering what the point was… then you NEED this shit in your life. Someone sends you wiffle-waffle? Send your questionnaire. You want others to value your time? Force it on them. Professionally.

Seems obvious to me now, but that’s just one thing my current upgrade project is teaching me.

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To add to my last point above: it’s often said but worth repeating. Your buyer might be new to all this, and in any case, not be great at condensing their super-awesome business into one thing. It’s on you to get it out of them.

What I will say is that I read through the first respondent and he told me the unique hook he had. Something he would never have mentioned without me writing the piece first. Something he’s so used to as being “obvious” that it’s not worth mentioning. Would I have got it? Hell no.

So don’t forget to use at least one question to drag that out. Hell, maybe a few. Or enjoy endless blind revision hell. Your choice, Sherlock.

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Start with the cover pics for your gigs. I didn’t make it exactly clear (my bad, I’m just quickly shot it out as I went into it more in a prior post) but last week I was upgrading my gig pics from ones similar to yours into new ones.

Definitely spend the most time on your prize gig though. Think of it as a conduit to the others. That means 100% for everything, and make the others resonate with it. That way it’s kinda branded and you can smoothly shuffle it up. Also works for the “u 2 expensive” crowd. I’m trying to kill those people off with my first message now. No offence, cheapos, but you are cheap and I don’t want to work with you. Find someone within your budget, there’s a dear.

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No, I don’t feel insulted. It just seems like you think you are better than me for being more successful. And I have trouble understanding stuff unless I read it a couple times through which I didn’t want to do with this article. But I do apologize for calling you a he. This isn’t the first time I’ve done that.

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