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How to increase your sales..?


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Hi,Now I’m a Level 2 seller,So I’m going to tell you small things but valuable things for increase your sales…

1)Upload 3 images for your gig to describe well your gig.

*If you are graphic designer,You can upload 3 nice images but your own images for describe your talent.

2)Upload a Good video for your gig to describe well your gig.

3)Use a Good,unique title for your gig.

*Use some special words for gig,like "killer,attractive,ect…"

4)Describe your gig well in the description.

*Tell time frame,services,details for the work,ect…

5)Use good keyword for describe your title well.

6)Share your gig on your social networks…

7)If you are doing graphic design here,you can upload your samples to flicker and put the link in the description…

See my gig to get a Good Idea…http://fiverr.com/kavilions/design-mesmerizing-banner-or-header

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