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Avoidance by buyers


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I need suggestion regarding few of issues. I received orders from silent buyers, they placed the order without any work information.

I keep asking about the info but the buyer was/is not responding. due to same i am facing issue with "Late delivery ". If i cancel the order from my end thats hampering the score , listing etc. i requested buyers to cancel it. i most of the cases i got reply that they are getting error so cancel it from your end.
That means if i cancel it then that lead to negative impact in my profile. I tried all possible option for mutual cancellation but its not showing there.

Right now i have one example order wheres buyer did not provided any information after 24 hours i got a message that he is unable to cancel so cancel from your end. I tried to cancel it but its not going through mutual cancellation and again buyer stop responding . its over to 2 days of delivery time. which is hampering my profile.

Please suggest the solution.


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