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I Got scam on Fiverr , how i can report him ? his name is ****


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i got scam from this user on fivver ******, i wanted an project very urgent ! he siad he will do it for the double of the price ! i payed him ! and tell now he didnt finish the work , i dont need it any more bec its to late , and u can check the conversation between both of us , his work low quailty and didnt do as we agreed and not to forget he took payment double !! so he can finish it in 1-2 hours ! check the conversation please .

he scam me ! and i am a active buyer on fiver !! and i do alot of work here !!
i cant work here any more ! if i pay my money and some one easily take them !! like that !
i want to cancel the order and report this user ! bec he made for me big problems !!
the work didnt finish in time ! and its uesless for me ! and not to forget i payed double !!

so how i can report him ? and take my money back ?
at least half the payment because tell now ! he didnt finish the project and i payed for urgent !

his name is ********

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If your seller didn’t deliver anything, go to the resolution center and cancel the order so you can reclaim your money as a refund.

I’m sorry you got burned, but immediate deliveries are tricky and probably shouldn’t be trusted to a seller with whom you have never worked before. Hopefully this issue will inform your future decisions so you won’t have this problem.

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