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I know I said NO politics... [CLOSED TO FURTHER COMMENTARY]


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But 3 quick observations…

  1. The power transition in the UK has been seamless, Theresa May is firmly in the saddle and now with her and her team of powerful women in high positions such as Amber Rudd, the home secretary, the Tories have got a lock on the female vote - half of the country - and the middle-class vote and will stay in power for the foreseeable future - 14 years, at least. Labour is in a complete disarray and have no chance whatsoever.

  2. The Presidential Race in the U.S. is closer than you think. Hillary has had a terrible couple of weeks because of which Trump in within striking distance. The debates will decide who wins.

  3. Things look good in India, we are the fastest growing $2 trillion-plus economy. The stock market is up, inflation is less than half of what it was before PM Modi came to power in 2014, and there have been NO reports whatsoever of corruption in high places, despite the media being anti-Modi.

On the personal front,

  1. Working hard as always, but going for a quick 45-minute morning run/walk, so feel fresher than before.

  2. Reading this great book on my Kindle - Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

  3. Love the “Veep”…they are playing back-to-back episodes from the first season in India. Funniest TV show ever!

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