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Fiverr Community Event Brussels/Paris/London/Amsterdam


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I’m 16 years old and a Fiverr seller since April 2016. My business starts getting noticed, and I make quite a lot of money on Fiverr (for my age!). I’d love to meet other (Succesfull) sellers to change expertise and ideas. As most of the Official Fiverr events are hold in the USA, it’s not an option for me. Maybe it’s possible to organise it one day in Brussels, Paris, London or Amsterdam?

We, (European) Fiverr commuters, can also just organise it ourself of course. If you’re interested, we could try to organise something together in one of these cities? In the end it can be sponsored by Fiverr of course, as they did in Pakistan.

I’d like to hear the thoughts of other European sellers or an official Fiverr employee.

I’m really enthousiastic about it!


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