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Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Communication


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Effective communication is an essential skill required to achieving seamless transaction and consequently a happy customer base in any business. I did not realize how poor my communication was until I bought a gig from another seller who never communicated with me until he delivered the gig. I realized I had been guilty of poor communication severally and could only imagine what the buyers of my services had felt all the while I kept silent on them.

After getting a taste of my own bitter pill of poor communication, I devised a unique way to step up the quality of communication with my customers. Fortunately, Fiverr has updated “Quick Responses” to include similar templates. Don’t use them as it is, edit them to make it unique to your service. Three important points to note while communicating with buyers are described below:

I find it expedient to appreciate the prospective buyer for contacting me. If one had ever tried to acquire leads outside the Fiverr platform, one would have realized how expensive and difficult it is to get a single business lead to contact you. A sentence like the one quoted below will be adequate.

“Thank you for your interest in my article writing service …..”

On the second note, take time to check if all that is required to start out with the job is in place after the sale. It happens at times that some key information required is incorrect or not supplied; if this is not addressed on time, late delivery will be inevitable. Thank the buyer for the order, address any requirement that is not supplied or incorrect and specify an estimated time to commence work on the job . e.g

“Thank you for ordering my article rewrite gig. From my present schedule, I will be able to start out with the project in 2 days”

The third important factor is to present the job to the gig buyer for review before final delivery. If the buyer require modification, it can easily be addressed without rejecting your delivery. E.g

“Thank you for your patience. Kindly review the attached document and let me know if you require further edits”

All the messages suggested above could be saved as templates and modified as required. If communication is right, selling and buying services on Fiverr will be an exceptionally pleasant experience.

I wish you the best.

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