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How to win buyers trust .?


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Hi friends, I like to share my experience in fiverr and give you some tips.
I provide mechanical engineering service like 3D modelling and analyzing the product.
Like everyone else i have no sales in the beginning.

And i started sending offers in buyer request section, more important thing is send offer only related to your service, don’t send to everyone or send message to everyone to buy your service, if they want they will look for you. When you’re hunger then only you will eat, same way goes for buyers, when they need service they will look for you.

Make an offer which they can’t refuse, initially provide more service for less price after that wait for their message, when they messaged you explain your service and show your recent work. After getting your first order, keep updating buyers frequently, show your half work also, if they need change they will tell you, by doing this you can avoid order cancellation. And also buyer will appreciate you and pay you more for your work.

Even after completing the order, help buyers and provide 1 free revision, they will again come back for you if you delivered quality service for less price.

Keep in touch with buyers, be friends and more work will follow you. delivering the order is not enough, build relationship and trust with buyer.

Some buyers give you bad experience, some will give you good experience. Keep trying, never give up.

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Communication is my #1 between a seller & me.

I had one seller who delivered late with no explanation, but still did an amazing job so I tipped her a $5. She never acknowledged it or the 5 star review. Sorta made me feel bad. Oh, well, she has over a thousand reviews so I’m sure she won’t miss me, since I’ve found few others who are equally good, maybe even better.

Two wonderful words in the English language that makes a buyer feel good: "Thank You!"
It takes two seconds & you’ll have a loyal customer for a long time. Biggest tip I’ve given so far is $20, neither of them complained.

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I hired like 6 editors on $10 gigs each. I wanted to see what I would get. I kept one as favorite and hired her to do two novella, 20k & 30k. We have great relationship but she went on vacation.

I hired a brand new seller to do minor job while my regular was on break for $5. She just blew my world. She was so darn good, I hired her several more times. Last time, because I trusted her to do an amazing job, I tipped her in advance.

Wish you could ask my favorite sellers. I trust them to do a great job. I like to think they trust me to treat them with respect and tipping advance shows real trust. What do you think?

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The important thing about trust is that once it is broken it’s gone forever. If a real emergency does happen, you can’t deliver, contact the buyer as soon as possible and provide supporting evidence. But don’t fabricate emergencies because you took on too much work, they can see how many orders you are expected to do.

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