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Adding slide bar to audio files previews


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when a buyer marks your order as complete and agrees to put their work on a seller’s live portfolio, I think it would be better to add a slide bar. Currently, there isn’t any options to skip parts in a preview file when you hit “play”. The buyers who want to check your portfolio have to listen to the beginning of the work or the entire file. When the preview is a podcast for example, that usually are more than 10 mins long, the buyer won’t listen to the all thing. That case even relevant when a seller is uploading a file to deliver the work. Even there, there isn’t an option to check the entire file without hearing it all. Adding a slide bar will give us the chance to check the file quickly and that it isn’t damaged and ready to be delivered.
I think that adding the slide bar, to give potential buyer the chance to hear several parts from the audio file, will give the buyers better opportunity to really understand the quality of us, sellers, work. And for us sellers, the opportunity to check our files faster before delivering our work.
Thank you,
Avri Music

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