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What to do with a negative review?


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We have just got our first negative review for one of our jokes. It’s a bit upsetting! We have contacted Fiverr to ask for the buyer to get his money back and have offered to do another joke for free. Is there anything else that we should do? Can someone tell us, will this effect the number of people who will buy our gig? Thank you for your help.

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Guest jrmkr1

It doesn’t matter to having few negative feedbacks if you do better. because you eventually will get many positive feedbacks if you do better.

Rating will become 100% as you grow.

Don’t waste your time for bad people. let them to give negatives. Finally they got nothing and you grow as you go.

(I also got a negative review from a buyer who asked many things to do just per a gig while the gig clearly says it is limited to mentioned things. Finally he failed on getting free services from me and leave a negative feedback. I didn’t contact anyone on this and also didn’t asked from fiverr to remove it, i let him to go as he like and i go in my way without no any problem. Now gig has good rating and it is doing well.

You can see it from here:

The buyer’s username was Fragglesrock and it says something on his username too 🙂 )

Good luck!

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Well- Benny and Millie I don’t know how anyone could give you a bad review ! You guys ROCK (seriously I’m a fan)

OK there’s a few things you can do. You can refund the order to do that open the order up at the very bottom click the

Having problems with this order or your buyer? Click Here

You'll get this:


Just select the middle option and fill in a few details and submit, when the buyer accepts the cancellation the buyer is refunded and the feedback vanishes in to thin air just like magic.

Or... you can get in touch with the great customer support team like you have already done and ask them to fix it for you.

Stay awesome guys :)

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