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Newbies' Guide to Getting Sales


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Gather around newbies, class is in session. There are countless threads started each day about “how can I get more sales”. First things first…there is a search feature in the forum that allows you to find relevant information. If you’re in the forum via a mobile device, there’s no “search” option, but there’s still a ton of information out there on the internet. Research! Research! Research! If you’re serious about something, anything, you’ll take the time to find the things you want to know.

Most important thing you should know about fiverr and business in general is… You can not create a gig, and expect orders to magically start rolling in. YOU HAVE TO PROMOTE YOUR GIGS, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS.

Sorry if I’m coming off a bit aggressive, but you need to know the basics of any business. Just like any business, they have to promote, and just like any business, certain times of the year, sales slow down. So keep calm, and continue to market your gigs as much as you can, and where they count the most (in front of your targeted audience).

If your next thought is, “but where?”, then you might have been skimming through this post. Lol. So in case you missed it, “RESEARCH!” is the answer to that million-dollar question.

Here's a sample...

Let's say you're a logo designer. You could just aimlessly promote your gig to businesses, in hopes of someone wanting to take you up on your offer. Or, you could find targeted ready-to-buy prospects. How you ask? Must I say it again?...okay, RESEARCH!
1. Using quotation marks, google a phrase like "I need a logo". (Note: only look for discussions, blog posts, etc that was posted recently.)
2. Search tweets on Twitter that includes buyer trigger words similar to the 1st option mentioned. If twitter's advanced search doesn't cut it, there's a website that allows you to search tweets based on specific criterias.
3. Setup Google Alerts for buyer triggered words as mentioned before.

And so on and so on.

I have another method, but I don't think I should give away all my secrets.

Hope this helps! Hopefully you guys will start finding the answers to your question before even posting it here. :-)

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Reply to @seohut: I can’t post a direct link, so you’ll have to google something like “create google alert”, click on the appropriate link, fill out the short alert form, and boom. You’ll start getting emails everytime something with your keyword is posted/indexed on google. You can set up multiple alerts too.

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well done. One another hand, also try to communicate in forum posts or communities on Google + and Facebook groups where you can promote your talent better. Say you are a photographer, post your fiverr link on the group featuring your talent

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