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Hi Tharushi,
You can increase sales in fiverr by creating unique,exceptional and qualitative gig/service.
Please share your gigs through blogs,different social sites.
Provide best service to your existing customers so that they purchase your gigs again.
Hope you will reach level 1 ASAP.

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 Complete Your Profile – As with most social media and online communities, the better you complete your profile, the more friends you’ll make. Being open, honest and transparent will make people trust you immediately. People need trust to make purchases and you can offer them that feeling of trust simply by having an amazing profile
 Use Buyer Requests – If you have at least one gig listed and taking orders, you can also look at buyer requests. The buyer requests are filled very quickly, so you need to find the right time where you live to look at the requests so you can send a quote as soon as possible. But, what you can also do is use these requests to make new open gigs from. It’s a great way to get ideas.

 Share Your Gigs Immediately & Often – Once you create a gig, you are prompted to immediately share the gig. It’s important that you do share it immediately and then occasionally share it again. If you’re not full of orders in the hopper then you need to be promoting.

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