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How to Guarantee Multiple Orders


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… is something I’d like to know.

I am a Level 1 Seller in Voice Overs but I have a new video gig that has gotten a lot of attention but absolutely no buys.

This new gig is a hilarious, “Redneck Randy will say whatever you like” gig, and I honestly think that its funny. However, no one has contacted me about it… at all.

Under my gig analytics, I see that I have plenty of views, just no buys.

Can anyone please tell me what is going on?

Thank you,


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I like your new gig, it’s very unique and it made me laugh :). I would suggest to make a few different gigs to see which one sells.

For example “Redneck Testimonial” , or “I will sing a Happy Birthday song Redneck style”…

Make sure to choose the right categories. You might want to play around with the categories and tags as well. I see you placed it into Video Animation, I would suggest to place the one you have right now into the “Fun/Bizarre” category .

Best of luck!

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Thank you Annai80!

I appreciate the advice and the compliments.

I tried changing this name and everything. People always say that this is funny, but no one is buying it. I have more characters that I plan on offering videos for but I’m not convinced that anyone would order any of these videos.

In the meantime… do you need a male voice over?

Thanks again!

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Generally the idea would be to market your gig via sponsored posts(entertainment niche’.), mailing lists relevant to the niche’, etc. Once you get enough orders that way you’ll tend to get sales via “word of mouth” and when you have enough orders in queue you can ask Fiverr to favor you based on popularity to garner even more orders. Hope this helps. 🙂

Usually i’d recommend keyword focus but since it’s such a specific niche’ this makes it much harder to do.

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