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How to choose perfect brand color for your company?


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How many colors should I use?

If you were to go and check the top brands in the world, specifically looking at the colors they incorporate, you would start to see a trend. Most big brands are using two or three colors in their design. The most well executed brands will have two primary colors and one accent color that pops against the other two. So here’s the formula:
2 + 1 = optimal color palette
When it comes to brand design and creating your personal brand colors, it’s best to use a maximum of three colors. Two primary colors and one accent color should be the basis for your color palette. You can use as few as 2 colors, but never exceed 4-5 colors in your design. Keep it simple, keep it specific.

Though often overlooked, neutrals are just as important in developing a color palette. I have found that I am always looking for a neutral to go with my colors, so much so that I created an additional neutral color palette for my brand. These could include grays, white, cream, or even light tints of your main palette (light blush, peach, gray/green). Neutral colors help tie in your brand even more.
I need a color plate:
Don’t worry I have attach a color natural color plate for you hope this will help you.

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