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Hay you want make dollors and sell?


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Be good at what you do and no lying.

Also you can be make some good idea like

1: make nice profile with the s*xt girl, is no problerm
2. You make nice description to so tell people what you are good at being good
3. in special case you can make special the buy to tell "I make you special price"
4. you like make good review, so you must make buyer special. give him your every.
5. phrew no it hard work over. tell them make a big review of 5 star because you work hard.

Easy guy! I have more gret tip tomorrow. lets be active to advrtise in the buyer request, it mean you can really show off your skill! Good lack my fremds!

do not listen to any of this

Admin Note: As unhappy as it makes a forum admin that this is necessary, it might be since someone is bound to take this seriously in spite of the caveat at the end. For clarification, while not every bit of this “tip” post was actually wrong, it was most like intended as a joke. If you are a seller who is reading this and thinking of applying these tips, please do not apply number 1 or the suggestion to advertise in buyer requests. These could easily get you banned. I would also advise extreme caution with tips 3 and 5 since manipulating buyers for reviews can also be a problem point. Otherwise, have a blast.

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You guys are hilarious! I haven’t come across some of the ‘formulas / formulae for success’ that you’ve enumerated here. The one about the pics, for example. Haha. I wonder if people actually fall for it.

They’re trying, though. I don’t think I’d have the wherewithal to give it a go in another language. Some of the sellers on here have clearly demonstrated that speaking English well isn’t a prerequisite to being successful.

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"Be good at what you do and no lying. "

I think that one line says it all.
About the English part, I do see a lot of people who has good gigs but their English is
not that good. If you want too look professional, get that description fixed!!
If you are not willing to pay an editor or proofreader for that, well, good luck…?

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