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Promoted gigs new feature


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If it’s an opportunity that Fiverr is presenting you, it looks like you have the option to decline. No one is forcing you to participate in the beta release of this feature.

And, while I cannot comment in depth about the feature itself, I can offer you something to think about when it comes to the intent of this feature. It appears as though Fiverr is giving sellers (select sellers at the moment), the opportunity to compete for top ad space in their categories. Fiverr has every right to charge a percentage for this, in return for granting the sellers who choose to participate even more visibility on the site.

In short, Fiverr appears to be launching an on-site advertising program. You can choose to participate and gain added visibility for your gigs (by agreeing to part with a percentage of your profit from that gig). Or, you can decline to participate, gain no additional visibility, and keep all of your share of your gig’s profits.

I honestly do not see how this is a bad thing.

Fiverr does give sellers the choice, after all.

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