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Mutual cancellation (not getting processing fees back)


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So first of all where can I read about new changes in processing fees?

Now One of my buyer actually told me he paid $1 extra from past few days.
He’s a repeat buyer and I put him on wait, so I can help him.

So I’m curious to know is this really happening?

I read posts about they buyers won’t getting their processing fees back when the order is cancelled.


Why would any buyer agree with mutual cancellation, when it’s clear to them they won’t get their processing fees back?

Sometimes you have to request the buyer to mutually cancel the order and order again due to some known issues.
(Most of the time because they choose wrong packages and not discuss the project earlier)

Now when they know this will not give them their processing fees back, why would they do that?

because now the order will cost them $7 = $1 (old processing fees) +$1( new processing fees) +$5

Is this really the same site who claims to get any services done in 5$?

Don’t you think now regular buyer asked seller they can pay them through other money transferring sites. ( for large quantity of orders)
Which is going to benefit both seller and buyer both? So the buyer won’t have to pay their fees and even seller don’t have to pay transaction fees.

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You only pay processing fees on an amount once.
You order something for $5 + $1 processing fee
You cancel the order and get $5 back in your Fiverr account
You order something else and it only costs $5 (no processing fee) because the money is in your account.
When you place an order with money that is in your Fiverr account (wherever it came from) then you do not pay the processing fee.

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Don’t be lazy. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=fiverr+tos

Also, you have misrepresented the change. It’s not $7, its $6. Anyway, boring, check the link as it’s in there, ctrl+f processing and the paragraph will show up. It was not really officially announced, so there is that.

Any buyer who starts yelling at a seller about something that’s out of their control is best avoided/fired. It’s all in the TOS. The buyer agreed to this. They’ve lost nothing.

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